Its was a busy weekend for Scottish athletes across Europe. Caledonian, Camran, Raw, Vision and Titan had athletes competing in Ireland, Slovakia, Portugal and England.

Caledonian, Raw, Titan and Camran were in action at the South Dublin championships in Ireland. The day was kicked of by senior athlete Laura Sweeney (Caledonian) who won gold in the -57 division. Not long after Kyle Keenan (Caledonian) and Kayden Aitken (Raw) won their first Open competition gold medals with some strong performances. In the afternoon the cadet and junior athletes were busy, Caitlin McEneaney and Lyndsay Brown (both Caledonian) finished with gold medals. There were quite a few silvers for our teams Kian Aitken (Raw), Nathan Kerr (Caledonian), Logan and Cameron Rae (Camran), Ciaran Wheelhan (Raw), Diarmuid McBride (Raw) and Pete Keenan (Caledonian) just missed out on the top spot. Titan had their first outing at an international with Luke Carroll representing the team, he put in an excellent performance and finished with a bronze.

Over at the Bratislava Open Vision taekwondo had Craig and Ross Eden and Caledonian had Carla Summerhill competing. It was a tough start to the day for Ross who went out 2-1, a very narrow margin. The day did fair better for his older brother Craig who took the gold medal and best male fighter of the day! The sole female competitor was Carla Summerhill who took the gold medal on golden point in the final. Not content with one gold medal for the weekend she headed to the English open the next day and added another one to her collection with 3 fights and beating her opponent 28-0 in the final!

The last stop on the tour was Porto in the North of Portugal and Camran had 4 competitors in action Ellie McCormack, Megan McNally, Lewis Johnston and Kieran Campbell. Megan struck gold for the third time this year and Ellie was unlucky in the semi final and finished with a bronze. Kieran and Lewis both put in strong performances but unfortunately finished just out side the medals.

The spring competition season isn’t quite finished for Scotland though as the GTA are hosting the Glasgow open at the Emirates Arena on Sunday the 14th of June.

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Jim Mcbride · June 8, 2015 at 2:58 pm

you missed Diarmuid McBride (Raw) from the list of Silver Medal winners in Ireland

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